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JZYNO Reflects on the Success of Collaboration with Lasmid in Hit Song ‘Butta My Bread’

Liberian Afrobeats artiste, JZYNO, recently shared his excitement and gratitude for the viral success of his hit single, ‘Butta My Bread,’ featuring popular singer and VGMA hiplife song winner, Lasmid. Despite concerns of being overshadowed by the catchy chorus sung by Lasmid, JZYNO believes that featuring the artist was the best decision he made for the song’s success.

Released just a month ago, the music video for ‘Butta My Bread’ has already garnered 1 million views, showcasing the song’s immense impact on fans, particularly in Ghana. However, JZYNO remains confident in the ownership of his song, highlighting that he wrote all the lyrics and created the specific chorus that Lasmid eventually sang and made popular.

Addressing concerns about potential misconceptions, JZYNO stated, “I know many artists who have released songs where they didn’t even sing on them. Yet, because they featured someone, people end up associating the song with them. In the end, it becomes their song.” He firmly believes that the collaboration with Lasmid was a strategic move to expand the song’s reach and introduce himself to a wider Ghanaian audience.

JZYNO’s intention was to push ‘Butta My Bread’ into new frontiers, and he recognized that in Afrobeats, the chorus holds significant importance. Although challenging, entrusting Lasmid with the chorus proved to be the best decision for the song’s overall impact. While Lasmid already had a following, the collaboration propelled JZYNO’s visibility and positioned him as an artist to watch in Ghana.

Reflecting on the collaboration, JZYNO shared, “Allowing Lasmid to handle the chorus was challenging, but it turned out to be the best decision I made. If you search for the song online, it’s my name that will pop up.” With the success of ‘Butta My Bread,’ JZYNO is now poised for greater recognition and looks forward to continuing his musical journey as an individual artist with a unique voice.

In conclusion, JZYNO’s experience demonstrates the power of collaboration in the music industry. Despite initial concerns, he recognized the opportunity to leverage Lasmid’s popularity and expand his own reach. The success of ‘Butta My Bread’ stands as a testament to the talent and foresight of JZYNO, establishing him as a rising star in the Afrobeats scene.

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