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I Was A Mechanic Apprentice Before Before Doing Music – Lasmid

Talented and versatile singer-songwriter Lasmid has captured the hearts of music lovers with his hit songs, but not many know about the path he took before stepping into the limelight. In a recent interview on Onua FM, the “Friday Night” hitmaker opened up about his days as a mechanic apprentice, fondly called “Fita,” before he embraced his true passion for music.

Lasmid revealed that while undergoing training to become an auto electronics mechanic, he felt an irresistible pull towards music. The passion for melodies and rhythms proved to be too strong to ignore, prompting him to make a life-changing decision – to leave the mechanical world behind and wholeheartedly pursue a career in music.

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“I was a mechanic ‘Fita’ apprentice (auto electronics), but I was unable to complete it. I was trained for a period between three to six months, but I realized that my destiny was in music, so I had to stop. The errands too were a lot,” Lasmid shared during the interview.

Despite halting his training halfway, Lasmid still gained valuable expertise in the field, enabling him to identify faults in automobiles. However, he humbly admitted that he would need a professional to handle the repairs once he diagnosed the issues.

“I learned a lot of things, so I can determine a fault in that regard, but would have to get someone to do the fixing after I have identified the problem,” he explained.

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Contrary to popular belief, Lasmid emphasized that he was not pressured by his guardians to pursue a trade but rather chose to give it a try while he was in Takoradi. “I wasn’t forced to learn the job, but I wasn’t willing to do so. It was more like I was at home doing nothing. No one forced me. After a lot of thinking, I realized I had done a lot of difficult tasks before, so this was no different; it was normal. I learned the trade at Takoradi,” he stated.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties he faced during his transition from a mechanic to a musician, Lasmid expressed no regrets about his decision. The pursuit of his musical dreams has been rewarding, and he has gained recognition for his talent and hard work.

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Lasmid’s journey from tinkering with car parts to creating captivating melodies serves as an inspiring example of following one’s true passion. As he continues to shine in the music industry, his story reminds us all that sometimes, the road to success is paved with unexpected detours, and embracing our passions can lead to extraordinary achievements.

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