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Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy Admits To Sleeping with 10,000 Women

In a high-profile trial at Chester Crown Court, Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy is facing charges of rape and attempted rape. The jury heard allegations that Mendy attacked two women, one in 2020 and another two years prior. The prosecution claimed that Mendy took advantage of his social gatherings at his Cheshire mansion, where he allegedly assaulted the female guests.

According to the prosecutor, Mendy attempted to force himself on a female guest, referred to as woman A, during one occasion. The incident allegedly occurred after Mendy entered the bathroom uninvited while the woman was showering. Wearing only boxer shorts and visibly aroused, he proceeded to assault her on the bed despite her protests.

The second woman, woman B, accused Mendy of rape in a similar scenario. She claimed that Mendy took her phone, which contained intimate photos, and led her to his locked bedroom. Despite her resistance and explicit refusal, Mendy allegedly raped her from behind, telling her, “It’s fine. I’ve had sex with 10,000 women.”

Mendy denies both charges, asserting that any sexual encounters were consensual. The trial is a retrial for these specific charges, as the previous trial earlier this year ended without a verdict on these counts.

During the trial, the judge instructed the jury to base their decision solely on the evidence presented in court, cautioning against seeking information from past trials or media coverage.

The case has attracted significant attention due to Mendy’s status as a professional footballer and his association with Manchester City FC. The trial continues as the court seeks to determine the truth behind the allegations against Benjamin Mendy.

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