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Bullgod Expresses Concern Over Lasmid’s Career Path After Departure from Highly Spiritual Music

Bullgod, CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment, has voiced his concerns about the potential negative impact on Lasmid’s music career following his departure from Highly Spiritual Music. The announcement of Lasmid’s exit was made by Kaywa, the head of the label, and Bullgod believes that this move may lead to a halt in Lasmid’s progress.

Drawing from past experiences, Bullgod highlighted the unfortunate outcomes faced by numerous artists who have taken similar paths in the industry. He cited examples such as Kurl Songx, who left the label and struggled to replicate the success he had achieved with Kaywa’s support, including collaborations with Sarkodie. Bullgod also mentioned Yaw Berk, another artist who faced challenges after parting ways with his management.

Bullgod emphasized the importance of amicable separations, acknowledging that disagreements can occur even in the best relationships. He cautioned against demanding equal shares without considering the investments made by the management team. He suggested that if artists aspire for equal treatment, they should first fulfill their financial obligations to the management.

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The CEO further explained the critical role played by artist management, brands, and labels in nurturing talent. He stressed that many talented individuals fail to reach their full potential without proper guidance and support. Bullgod questioned the motive behind seeking management if artists believe they can succeed independently, urging them to consider the value that management brings to their careers.

While Lasmid’s decision to part ways with Highly Spiritual Music may signify a desire for artistic freedom and personal growth, Bullgod’s concerns shed light on the challenges that artists often face when transitioning to independent careers. The music industry is complex and multifaceted, requiring not only talent but also strategic planning, promotion, and industry connections to thrive.

As Lasmid embarks on this new phase of his career, it remains to be seen how he will navigate the challenges and whether he will be able to establish a successful trajectory independently. Only time will tell if Lasmid can defy the odds and carve out a distinctive path for himself or if Bullgod’s predictions will hold true.

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