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Wendy Shay Joins ONErpm to Expand Her Musical Reach

ONErpm, a leading music distribution and artist services company, has recently announced its African signing—Wendy Shay, the multi-award-winning recording and performing artist from Ghana. As a prominent artist signed to RuffTown Records, Shay has achieved remarkable success with hit songs, multiple accolades, and record-breaking streaming numbers, solidifying her position as Ghana’s most successful female artist today. With this new partnership, Wendy Shay aims to extend her influence across the continent and leave a lasting impact on the global music scene.

Expressing her excitement about the collaboration, Wendy Shay shared, “Working with ONErpm is definitely going to be an incredible experience. Their passion for music and commitment to supporting artists is truly inspiring. We are grateful for this partnership and look forward to creating something epic together. It’s a dream come true.”

Bullet, the CEO of RuffTown Records, also expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We at RuffTown Records are thrilled to be partnering with ONErpm. Their innovative approach to music distribution and commitment to supporting independent labels and artists is truly remarkable. Transparency is their hallmark. We look forward to working together to create more international superstars. African music to the world!”

Wendy Shay boasts an impressive discography, comprising two albums and one EP, along with numerous chart-topping hits such as “Uber Driver,” “Shay On You,” “All For You,” “Survivor,” and “Heaven.” Her collaboration with ONErpm underlines the company’s dedication to cultivating a global presence in vital emerging markets and establishing itself as the preferred music business solutions provider in Africa and worldwide.

With ONErpm’s support, Wendy Shay is poised to amplify her music’s reach, connect with new audiences, and contribute to the ongoing surge of African music’s popularity on the global stage. This partnership not only represents a significant milestone for the artist but also highlights the commitment of ONErpm to fostering the growth and success of talented artists from diverse backgrounds.

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