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Kaywa Expresses Heartache Over Lasmid’s Departure From His Record Label: “It Pains Me A lot”

Renowned Ghanaian music producer, Kaywa, recently opened up about the departure of Lasmid from his record label, expressing his deep sadness over the matter. In a candid interview with ZionFelix, Kaywa revealed that Lasmid’s exit was a painful experience for him, especially considering the plans they had for the talented artist before his departure.

Kaywa, whose real name is David Kojo Kyei, emphasized that the unfulfilled plans were what truly hurt him. He disclosed that the stakeholders who were supporting Lasmid’s journey may also feel some concern due to the unexpected turn of events. Despite the disappointment, Kaywa acknowledged that they have since moved on from the situation.

Describing his relationship with Lasmid, Kaywa likened it to that of a father and son, expressing his continued love and support for the young artist. He concluded by stating that he genuinely wishes Lasmid well in his future endeavors.

The interview offers valuable insights into the emotional impact that artist departures can have on music producers, shedding light on the personal side of the industry and the challenges that arise when plans don’t materialize as expected.

Watch the full interview below to gain a deeper understanding of Kaywa’s sentiments surrounding Lasmid’s departure from his record label.

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