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#TraineesDecide: Tamale College of Education Elects New SRC Executives

Tomorrow, July 5, 2023, trainees at the Tamale College of Education will eagerly head to the polls to exercise their democratic right and select a fresh cohort of executives for the Students Representative Council (SRC) for the 2022–2023 academic year. This voting process marks an important event on the college campus, as students will cast their ballots at multiple polling stations throughout the day.

The race for the prestigious position of SRC president features two prominent contenders: Soale Razak, Mustapha Ibrahim, and both vying for the top role. Joining them as running mates are Abdulai Abass and Abdulai Abdul Wadud respectively. The stakes are high, and these candidates have undoubtedly put in immense effort to win the hearts and votes of their fellow trainees.

In addition to the presidency, the election includes contests for various other vital positions within the SRC. The women’s commissioner race is a particularly interesting one, with Naawere Esther running under the slogan “Experience over experiment,” and Baba Iklimah with the rallying cry “Together we can and we will.” These candidates aim to represent the interests and welfare of female students on campus.

Positions such as the SRC Public Relations Officer, Library Secretary, Financial Secretary, General Secretary, and Organizer are also being sought after. Additionally, the election will determine appointments to portfolios including Welfare, Sports, and Entertainment. The outcome of these races will shape the leadership landscape of the college, influencing policies and initiatives undertaken by the SRC.

The voting process is scheduled to commence promptly at 8 am and conclude at 3 pm. This marks the second phase of the Tamale College of Education SRC general election, following the initial voting conducted for the Level 100s and 200s. Now, the Level 400s and 300s have their chance to voice their opinions and elect their representatives.

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As trainees head to the polls, the atmosphere is filled with anticipation and excitement. The college administration and election organizers have taken necessary measures to ensure a smooth and hindrance-free process. All candidates have shown dedication and determination in their campaign efforts, and they deserve commendation for their commitment to serving their fellow students.

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The Tamale College of Education community eagerly awaits the announcement of the election results, as the chosen leaders will have the responsibility to champion the interests of the student body and contribute to the growth and development of the college. As the day unfolds, we extend our best wishes to all the candidates, hoping that they find success in their aspirations and bring positive change to the Tamale College of Education community.

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