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Ghana Education Service Ranks & Their Qualifications


Ghana Education Service (GES) is a government agency, which sees to the effective running of schools in the country.

As it is a body, Ghana Education Service has ranks in its orga-nization.

In this article, you are going to know the ranks that are in the Ghana Education Service and what qualifies one to be on a particular rank. Quickly, take a glance at the list.

Below are Ranks in the Ghana Education Service With Their Qualification


This is the overall rank of all the ranks of the Ghana Education Service. The Director-General of GES is based on ap-pointment, and this is done by government in accordance with the law of Ghana.

To qualify for the appointment as Director-General, the ap-pointee:

  1. an individual must hold master’s degree in education as a minimum qualification.
  2. must also have 15 years of relevant related working experience after obtaining the second degree. He must also have 8 years out the 15 served in management position.
  3. must also pass an interview conducted by a team comprising Ghana Education Service Council (GESC) and Public Services Commission (PSC).

Deputy Director-General

As the name, Deputy Director-General is the second rank and this person serves as an assistant to the overall boss (Direc-tor-General).

In Ghana, his rank is divided into two offices. That is there are two Deputy Director-Generals in the GES. These are:

I. Deputy Director-General of Education, who is in charge of management services.

Ill. Deputy Director-General of Education, who is in charge of Access and Quality.

To qualify for this rank, an individual:

  1. must have twelve (12) years post-qualification relevant working experience, three (3) years of which must be in Director II position.
  2. could be an officer at any tertiary institution, and on the rank of senior lecturer.
  3. must also obtain Master’s Degree.

Director I

This rank is given to individuals based on how long they have been in the service. Mostly, people at this level are Regional Directors of Education in Ghana.

Director II

This is the forth rank in Ghana Education. This rank is also attained by workers who have been in the service for a very long time. The rank is mostly associated with District Directors of Education.

Deputy Director

This rank of Education is given to individuals as assistants to District Directors of Education. This is by appointment based on long time in the service and with relevant education qual-ification.

Assistant Director I

This is the sixth rank of the Service and the first, which works directly on the field. The Assistant Director I can be appointed by GES to the position of Circuit Supervisor or Head of Senior High School.

To qualify for this rank, a long serving teacher or worker in the education sector must have second degree in relation to education.

Assistant Director II

This rank is given to appointees who have Master’s Degree.

The Assistant Director II can be a Headteacher of a Basic School and the appointment is done by the Ghana Education Service.

Principal Superintendent

This rank is associated with first degree holders who are newly recruited by the Ghana Education Service.

Even though this rank can also be attained through long time in service, the new educational reform demands that first degree must be the minimum requirement for working as a teacher in a Basic School.

Senior Superintendent I

This rank is obtained when one serves for a long time. It is informed that before one can become Senior Superintendent I, he/she must work on the Senior Superintendent II rank for a minimum of four years.

Senior Superintendent II

This rank is the entry point for graduates who hold diploma in education and want to work in the Ghana Education Ser-vice. People with this rank work as teachers in basic schools, especially in the Primary to Nursery.

Meanwhile, the educational reform is against entry the Ghana Education Service with a diploma certification as it is no more a minimum requirement for the job in Basic School.

Superintendent I

This rank is also obtained by working for long in the service.

Before this rank can be attained, a worker in the service is required to work for a minimum of four years on the rank of Superintendent II.

Superintendent Il

In the Ghana Education Service at the government level, Superintendent Il is the last rank. This rank is associated with employees holding Certificate A in the Ghana Education Ser-vice.

Pupil Teacher

This rank is associated with people holding WASSCE, SSCE, GCE certificates. This rank mostly falls under private basic schools as people with this as highest level of education do not qualify to teach in public owned schools.


Just as it is in all fields of work, the Ghana Education Service (GES) is not an exemption when it comes to ranking of offi-cers. Therefore the above are the ranks in the Ghana Education Service, and their respective qualifications.

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