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GES Should Stop Teachers From Sharing Videos Of Students Online – Serwaa Amihere advocates

Serwaa Amihere, a Ghanaian news presenter and broadcast journalist, has expressed her displeasure with how Ghanaian teachers have accepted the practice of sharing student videos online.

In a series of tweets, she said that some Ghanaian teachers record and post videos of their students, particularly during heated arguments, as gimmicks to get likes and engagement.

“Recently, there is a practice where some teachers in schools in Ghana, record an interaction between their pupils and put it on social media for likes and engagements..1/4”

She stated that she wouldn’t have had a problem with the teachers if such videos were taken to highlight the difficulties students face in obtaining a high-quality education. She went on to say that teachers’ attitudes need to be checked and curbed to prevent students who have been the victims of such practice from being embarrassed in the future

“If such videos were highlighting the challenges these school children go through to access education and seek help for them, I wouldn’t have a problem
However, these videos make a mockery of these kids who either struggle to express themselves in English or other areas .. 2/4”

“The digital footprints such videos will leave will go a long way to hurt some of these kids and we need to come together with a common voice to end this

Let us protect our kids”

She summed up that “I entreat the Ministry of Education and GES to end this practice by some teachers because it is not right and can destroy the confidence of the kids”


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