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Ghana Education Service to Implement Nationwide Professional Learning Community Sessions for Secondary Schools

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has announced its plans to launch Professional Learning Community (PLC) sessions nationwide in all Senior High Schools (SHSs) and Senior High Technical Schools (SHTSs) across Ghana. The aim of this initiative is to enhance teachers’ understanding and adherence to the National Teachers’ Standards (NTS) and prepare them for the upcoming implementation of the new secondary education curriculum in the 2024/25 academic year.

The GES has been piloting weekly PLC sessions since 2022 in 12 SHS and SHTS, using structured Handbooks developed in collaboration with the National Teaching Council (NTC). These pilot sessions have shown significant positive results in improving teaching and learning in the participating schools, providing a strong foundation for expanding this approach nationwide.

To ensure a successful implementation and widespread adoption of PLC sessions in all 726 schools, the GES organized a comprehensive five-day training session for a 100-member National Training Team. The team comprises representatives from GES, T-TEL, Senior High Schools, and Colleges of Education. The training, held in May 2023, focused on equipping the National Training Team with the necessary skills and resources to effectively support teachers and education officers at the regional and district levels in implementing PLCs.

The training sessions demonstrated interactive and innovative approaches to equip teachers with the necessary tools and techniques to create engaging learning environments for students. The training emphasized the use of technology and promoted Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) while highlighting the importance of socio-emotional learning in the classroom. All methodologies employed in the training were drawn from the National Teacher’s Standards (NTS), which outline the expected values, knowledge, and practices for professional teachers in Ghana.

During the training, Ms. Faustina Graham, from the Schools and Instructions Unit at GES, underscored the significance of the national rollout of PLCs, stating that it will enhance the quality of education in Ghana. She emphasized the commitment of the GES to provide teachers with the necessary resources and support to deliver high-quality education in schools.

Ms. Beryl Opong-Agyei, the National Secondary Education Coordinator at Transforming Teaching, Education, and Learning (T-TEL), expressed her appreciation for the participants’ involvement in the rollout of PLCs in senior high schools. She emphasized the role of PLCs in enhancing teachers’ professional competence and encouraged the training team to train and support teachers in adopting best practices to improve the quality of education.

The training was led by GES, with support from Professor Jonathan Fletcher, Key Advisor for Teaching and Learning Partnerships at T-TEL.

The national rollout of PLC sessions is expected to contribute to the continuous improvement of the education system in Ghana by empowering teachers and ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of students and the educational landscape.

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