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National Labour Commission Directs Resolution of Teacher Unions’ Strike

The National Labour Commission (NLC) has issued a directive aimed at resolving the ongoing nationwide strike declared by three teacher unions in Ghana. The directive, issued following a meeting between the NLC and representatives from the government and the teacher unions, outlines specific actions to be taken to address the grievances raised by the unions.

In a statement released by the NLC, it was revealed that negotiations between the government and the teacher unions had resulted in agreements on several issues, with six financial items remaining unresolved. The Commission emphasized the need for both parties to continue negotiations immediately to address these outstanding financial matters.

Furthermore, the NLC instructed the teacher unions to call off their strike with immediate effect and to notify the Commission accordingly. Additionally, the government was directed to lift the embargo on some teachers’ salaries by the end of April 2024 and ensure that all teachers receive their laptops by the end of June 2024.

The directive underscores the importance of negotiating in good faith and highlights the commitment of the NLC to facilitating constructive dialogue between employers and employees to resolve labor disputes effectively.

The parties involved have been advised to report the outcome of the negotiations to the NLC on April 17, 2024, demonstrating the Commission’s proactive approach to monitoring the progress of the resolution process.

The directive serves as a crucial step towards addressing the concerns of the teacher unions and restoring normalcy to the education sector in Ghana. It reflects the NLC’s commitment to promoting harmony and fairness in labor relations, ultimately benefiting teachers, students, and the entire education system.

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