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Shatta Wale Denounces Calls for FBI Investigation Following Hajia 4Reall’s Arrest (VIDEO)

Ghanaian dancehall musician Shatta Wale has expressed his frustration over the allegations linking him to the arrest of social media influencer Hajia 4Reall. Following her extradition from the UK to the US for her alleged involvement in a romance scam, some fans and online speculators have called for the FBI to investigate Shatta Wale due to his friendship with Hajia 4Reall.

As they arrested Hajia 4Reall some stup*d people in this country have been saying the FBI should check Shatta Wale. Your mother, your father, your mother again, your father again. I see all that on the internet but I don’t have time for you because I was busy counting money and I have finished counting the money now so your mother” he said.

Hajia 4Reall, whose real name is Mona Faiz Montrage, recently appeared in federal court in Manhattan on charges of defrauding elderly, single American men and women for over $2 million in a lonely hearts scam. These allegations have led to increased scrutiny of individuals within her social and business circles.

Deputy Manager of Ghana’s Financial Intelligence Centre, Sean Osei, revealed that the authorities, including the FIC, Interpol, and the FBI, have been monitoring Hajia 4Reall’s social circles for ten years. As a result, all those associated with her have become persons of interest and are being tracked.

On the matter of Hajia4Real’s romance scam case, the FIC had in partnership with Interpol and the FBI had surveillance on her social circles for 10 years. Currently, all within her business and social circles are persons of interest and are being tracked,” Francis Abban tweeted.

Shatta Wale, known for his energetic performances and controversial statements, took to Facebook Live to express his anger and dismiss the accusations made against him. In an impassioned video, he insulted those pointing fingers at him and criticized Ghanaians for being excessively interested in negativity.

What will I do fraud for? Can’t you see how hard I work in the studio? Your mother, saying that Medikal, Fella Makafui and Salma Mumin should also be arrested,” Shatta Wale furiously added in the video below.

Responding to the allegations, Shatta Wale referenced a previous incident involving calls for the seizure of his cars by the BNI (Bureau of National Investigations) during the NAM1 saga. He emphatically stated his innocence and highlighted his hard work in the studio, questioning why he would engage in fraudulent activities.

The video, which has garnered attention on social media, showcases Shatta Wale’s frustration with the allegations and his refusal to entertain baseless claims. While the investigations into Hajia 4Reall’s case continue, it remains important to rely on official statements and credible sources for accurate information.

In the age of instant online speculation, it is essential to approach such situations with caution, considering the potential impact they can have on individuals’ reputations. Shatta Wale, determined to focus on his music and creative endeavors, remains adamant that he has no involvement in any illegal activities and seeks to distance himself from the ongoing controversy.

As the investigations progress, it is crucial to await official updates and avoid jumping to conclusions based on rumors or unverified claims.

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