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Mr Drew Breaks the Myth of Irrelevance After Parting Ways with Highly Spiritual Music

Ghanaian artiste, Mr Drew, has shattered misconceptions surrounding his departure from Kaywa’s Highly Spiritual Music label, dispelling notions that it would lead to his fading away and becoming irrelevant in the music industry. In a recent interview, he emphasized that one’s association with prominent record labels does not dictate longevity or success as an artiste.

Addressing the rumors head-on, Mr Drew stated, “I honestly don’t think so; it’s just a myth that when you stop working with some notable record labels in Ghana, you fade away as an artist.” He further explained that such beliefs stem from uninformed perspectives and fail to consider the intricacies and agreements that artists may have with their record labels.

The sudden split between Mr Drew and Highly Spiritual Music created ripples in the music industry. However, Mr Drew clarified that his departure was a natural progression in his career, emphasizing the importance of growth and moving forward. He also expressed that he had the blessings of Kaywa, his former manager, and was inspired by the success of independent artists such as Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, and Sarkodie.

Mr Drew’s departure from Highly Spiritual Music serves as a reminder that an artist’s relevance and success are not solely dependent on their affiliation with a particular label. It highlights the potential for growth and artistic freedom that can be achieved through independent ventures. As he embarks on this new chapter, Mr Drew’s determination to prove his worth as a thriving independent artist is a testament to his talent and resilience in the face of industry expectations.

In an ever-evolving music landscape, Mr Drew’s decision to debunk the myth of irrelevance challenges preconceived notions and encourages artists to forge their paths, unburdened by the fear of losing relevance. As he continues to captivate audiences with his unique artistry, Mr Drew’s journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring musicians who seek to navigate the industry on their terms.

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