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Michy Advocates for Soccer Career for Son Majesty, Citing Discipline and Lucrative Opportunities

In a recent revelation, Diamond Michelle Gbagonah, popularly known as Michy, has expressed her strong stance against her son, Majesty, pursuing a career in the music industry. Despite her own background as a media personality and musician, Michy is resolute in steering her son toward a future in professional soccer. This decision, she asserts, is rooted in both financial considerations and concerns over the discipline prevalent in Ghana’s entertainment scene.

As an ex-girlfriend of the well-known musician Shatta Wale, Michy is no stranger to the intricacies of the entertainment industry. She candidly acknowledges the dearth of discipline that often characterizes the field, leaving her skeptical about encouraging her son to enter such an environment. This perception is a driving force behind her determination to guide Majesty in a different direction.

During an interview on the Asempa Showbiz Review, Michy underscored the financial potential that soccer offers compared to the music industry. “No no no, he should go and play ball. $200,000 a week is not small money oo,” Michy exclaimed passionately. This striking statement reveals the substantial earnings that can be reaped from a successful soccer career, a financial allure that is hard to ignore.

What further solidifies Michy’s conviction is her recognition of the structured and disciplined nature of the soccer world. She emphasizes the strict regimen inherent in sports, particularly soccer, as a crucial attribute that can shape her son’s personal and professional growth. According to Michy, the virtues of discipline, teamwork, and dedication found in the world of soccer are vital for her son’s holistic development.

Majesty, the remarkable young boy in question, is already exhibiting his talents beyond soccer. He is displaying an interest in playing the piano and showing signs of understanding beats and rhythms. While Michy acknowledges his potential for a future in the music industry, she remains steadfast in her preference for him to pursue a soccer career. She envisions a future where her son can benefit from the structured environment of the soccer field, avoiding the pitfalls and uncertainties that often accompany the world of music.

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