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DJ Azonto Defends Choice to Wear Female Clothing: Says “It Puts Food on the Table”

Ghanaian Disk Jockey turned musician, DJ Azonto, has sparked controversy with his unconventional fashion choices, but he stands firm in his decision, stating that it is what enables him to provide for his family.

The artist gained widespread attention with his hit single “Fa no Fom,” but his penchant for dressing in female attire has become a hot topic on social media. Despite facing considerable backlash, DJ Azonto revealed in a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz that he has no intention of stopping because it is his primary source of income.

Acknowledging the concerns raised by his loved ones, DJ Azonto, who is a husband and father of three, emphasized that he is well aware of the consequences of his actions. He asserted, “I can distinguish what is bad from good, so there is no cause for alarm.”

While his family, including his wife, does not approve of his fashion choices, DJ Azonto remains undeterred, as his unique image contributes significantly to his success in showbiz. During a recent visit to his hometown on Mother’s Day, his own mother expressed her desire for him to abandon female clothing. She even suggested he refrain from using handbags and wearing heels. In response, DJ Azonto explained that his work and style are intricately linked to supporting his family financially.

Although he previously wore a bra, DJ Azonto made adjustments based on the feedback he received. However, his unconventional wardrobe continues to generate income and sustain his family’s well-being. Despite the disapproval of his loved ones, DJ Azonto’s dedication to providing for his family remains steadfast.

While DJ Azonto’s choice of clothing may continue to be a subject of debate, his commitment to his loved ones’ welfare is a testament to the lengths individuals will go to ensure their family’s financial security. In a society where conformity often reigns, he defies stereotypes and challenges societal norms, all while striving to put food on the table.

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