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Mr Drew Opens Up About Departure from Highly Spiritual Music

Ghanaian highlife and Afrobeats artiste, Mr Drew, recently shared insights into his decision to part ways with his former music label, ‘Highly Spiritual Records.’ During an appearance on ‘Onua Showtime’ with Nana AMA McBrown, the singer and dancer revealed that he felt it was time to move forward and concentrate on building his own brand.

While discussing his departure from the label, Mr Drew mentioned that each artist signed onto Highly Spiritual Records had their own purpose. He expressed that after completing his five-year contract, he believed he had fulfilled his purpose within the label.

“My contract was the same as all the other artists who signed onto the label, but I feel like everyone has a purpose with which they came. As for me, I’m done with my five years,” Mr Drew stated.

The artist also emphasized that he received the blessings of Kaywa, the founder of Highly Spiritual Records, as he embarked on his new journey. He highlighted that contracts in the music industry are time-bound and that it was essential for artists to evaluate their options when their contracts come to an end.

“Kaywa gave his blessing for me to leave. In every work you do, it’s contract-based, so when the time is right, the contract dictates if you decide to still work with the management team or find your own footing,” Mr Drew explained.

Mr Drew further elaborated on his decision, emphasizing his desire to focus on his personal brand and carve his own path in the entertainment industry. After completing his obligations under the label, he felt it was the opportune time to devote his attention to building his individual brand.

The departure from Highly Spiritual Music marks a significant step in Mr Drew’s career as he takes charge of his artistic journey. Fans can now look forward to seeing the artist’s personal brand flourish as he ventures into new creative endeavors.

As Mr Drew moves forward with his music, his decision to prioritize his personal brand serves as a testament to his commitment to growth and self-expression. It will be intriguing to witness the evolution of Mr Drew’s artistic style and the impact he will make as he embarks on this exciting chapter of his career.

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