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Mr Drew Expresses Gratitude and Family Bond with Former Boss Kaywa

In a recent announcement confirming his departure from the Highly Spiritual Music label, Mr Drew took to social media to express his gratitude towards his former label boss, Kaywa. The singer shared an appreciation post on Instagram, acknowledging the significant role Kaywa and the label team played in shaping his career and helping him achieve success.

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With heartfelt words, Mr Drew expressed his appreciation, stating, “An appreciation post to Papa @kaywabeatz and @highlyspiritualmusic for working with me to make an impact with my talent… I am most grateful for everything you have done for me as an artist and a son.” It is evident that the artist holds a deep sense of gratitude towards his former mentor and the label for their support and guidance.

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Despite parting ways professionally, Mr Drew emphasized that the bond between him and Kaywa’s label remains unbroken. He expressed his belief that they are still family and that he cherishes that connection dearly. His statement conveys a sense of mutual respect and appreciation for the experiences shared during his time with the label.

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The social media post serves as a testament to the strong relationship and positive impact Kaywa and Highly Spiritual Music had on Mr Drew’s career. It highlights the importance of mentorship and collaboration in the music industry, demonstrating the significance of a supportive environment for artists to flourish.

Mr Drew’s message of gratitude and the acknowledgment of an enduring familial bond showcase the maturity and professionalism of the young artist. It also serves as a reminder of the positive relationships and personal growth that can be fostered within the music industry.

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