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Hajia4real Makes a Comeback on Social Media to Celebrate Birthday; Drops Bombshell

Ghanaian socialite and singer, Mona Moutrage, popularly known as Hajia4real, has made a return to social media to celebrate her birthday. After recently being extradited from the United Kingdom to the US for allegedly engaging in a lonely hearts scam, the singer took a break from the digital world. However, on her special day, Hajia4real took to Instagram to share stunning photos, expressing gratitude for the love and prayers she has received during these challenging times.

In an all-black leather ensemble, she wrote, “Happy Birthday to me, and a big thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and, above all, your love and prayers showed to me during these difficult times.” Reflecting on her father’s words, she added, “Only the good die young,” hinting that the truth will eventually be revealed, and her story will be heard by the world.

Despite the controversy surrounding her, Hajia4real’s birthday celebration marks her reentry into the online sphere, where she plans to regain her voice and continue her journey in the public eye. With her statement, she leaves a sense of anticipation for what the future holds and the unfolding of her truth.

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While the singer’s legal situation remains unresolved, her return to social media signifies her determination to make her mark once again. As time progresses, we await the truth she promises to reveal, hoping for a clearer understanding of her story and the events that have unfolded in recent times.

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