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Grilling for a Cause: Atinga Nsobila Joel Reveals The Motivation Behind His Guinness World Records Khebab-A-Thon Attempt

Atinga Nsobila Joel, a proud graduate of the University for Development Studies (UDS), is gearing up for an extraordinary feat that blends his cultural heritage with a quest for recognition on the global stage. With roots deeply entrenched in northern Ghana, Bolgatanga to be precise, where Khebab making holds significant cultural and economic value, Joel is embarking on an ambitious endeavor to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Barbecue Marathon.

Scheduled to take place at the prestigious Legon City Mall in Accra from April 11th to April 14th, the “Khebab-A-Thon” will see Joel attempting to barbecue for an astounding 90 consecutive hours. This remarkable feat isn’t just about setting a record; it’s about celebrating the rich tradition of Khebab making while promoting its economic significance and nutritional benefits.

For Joel, the motivation behind this endeavor runs deep. Having witnessed firsthand how the Khebab business has served as a lifeline for his family and community, he is determined to elevate its status and shed light on its potential to combat unemployment in Ghana.

“Khebab making is more than just a culinary art; it’s a livelihood for many families in northern Ghana,” says Joel. “Through this event, I aim to increase public appreciation for Khebab making and inspire young people to see it as a viable means of supporting themselves and their communities.”

By leveraging the platform of the Guinness World Record, Joel hopes to not only showcase his exceptional Khebab making skills but also put Northern Ghana and Ghana as a whole on the map in the world of barbecue making.

The “Khebab-A-Thon” isn’t just a personal achievement for Joel; it’s a collective effort that relies on the support of sponsors and well-wishers. For those interested in sponsoring this groundbreaking event, opportunities are available to contribute to this cultural and culinary milestone.


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