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Hajia 4Real’s Live Birthday Celebration Was Needless – Mr. Logic Amidst Allegations

In a recent interview on UTV’s Showbiz Night, entertainment pundit and talent manager, Mr. Logic, expressed his disapproval of socialite and musician Hajia 4Real’s live Instagram appearance on her birthday, describing it as needless. Mr. Logic pointed out that given the ongoing fraud allegations and her alleged monitoring by US security agencies, it was unnecessary for her to go live to prove a point.

The entertainment pundit questioned the purpose behind her online celebration, stating, “Who are you impressing?” He further emphasized that the serious charges against her made it imperative for her to exercise caution and refrain from unnecessary displays of excitement during these unusual times.

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Mr. Logic continued, agreeing with his colleague’s viewpoint, and emphasizing that Hajia 4Real’s appearance on social media should be limited. He highlighted the gravity of her situation, stating that she is currently at the center of a crisis and needs to maintain a low profile. He further added that not everyone is happy for her and attempting to prove a point through social media appearances and write-ups would not alter her circumstances.

While Mr. Logic acknowledged that nobody wishes to see Hajia 4Real in jail, he stressed that her efforts to prove herself through social media were unnecessary and advised her to exercise restraint in her online activities. The entertainment pundit concluded that given the seriousness of the allegations against her, it would be more prudent for Hajia 4Real to focus on her legal situation rather than engaging in online displays to prove her innocence.

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It remains to be seen how Hajia 4Real will respond to Mr. Logic’s critique and whether she will adjust her approach in light of the ongoing legal issues she faces.

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