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Libianca Expresses Gratitude and Dedicates BET Award to her Supportive Husband

In a heartfelt social media post, Cameroonian singer Libianca shares her appreciation for the one person who has made living on Earth a breeze for her. After winning the prestigious BET Best New International Act award on June 25, 2023, Libianca took a moment to publicly thank her husband, acknowledging his multifaceted role in her life and career.

Libianca, known for her hit single “People,” begins her post by admitting that she forgot the last part of her acceptance speech and vows to never forget it again. However, she shifts the focus to expressing her gratitude to her husband, whom she refers to as her engineer, stylist, manager, artist, and producer. Through her candid words, she conveys that nothing in her journey would be enjoyable without his presence and support.

The Cameroonian singer’s message is filled with love and appreciation for her husband, whom she affectionately calls her person and even playfully refers to as her annoyance. Libianca acknowledges the unwavering love he has shown her, accepting her as she is and dealing with her flaws. With a touch of humor, she ends her post by declaring her love for him, using the term “papi.”

Accompanying the heartfelt message are photos of Libianca and her husband, capturing their moments of togetherness and joy. The post serves as a public declaration of their relationship’s significance and the crucial role her husband plays in her success.

”I forgot the last part of my speech and I’ll never forget again because I still have to make it up but I want to take a moment to thank the one person who makes living on earth a breeze. I’m not gonna type a whole paragraph for people to be reading in our business but I have to give you your flowers like this and you know why. Engineer, stylist, manager, artist, producer, my husband, my person , my annoyance lol. Nothing is enjoyable without you and I wanna say j’suis desole and I appreciate you for loving me as I am and quite frankly dealing with my ass. I love you papi,” she wrote.

Libianca’s post comes shortly after her victory over esteemed artists such as Camidoh, Asake, and Maureen in the BET Best New International Act category. Winning this prestigious award marks a milestone in her career, and she chooses to dedicate her achievement to her husband, recognizing the pivotal role he has played in her journey.

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As fans and followers celebrate Libianca’s triumph, her heartfelt message serves as a reminder of the profound impact that love and support can have on one’s success. It highlights the importance of recognizing and appreciating the individuals who stand by us through the highs and lows, making our achievements all the more meaningful.

In the end, Libianca’s words encapsulate the essence of her gratitude towards her husband, leaving a lasting impression on her fans and the music industry alike. Her declaration of love and appreciation stands as a testament to the power of partnership and support, reminding us all of the significance of acknowledging those who make our dreams possible.

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