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Ghanaians Like To Feed On Negative Energy – Efya

Award-winning Neo singer, Efya Nokturnal, has expressed her frustration with the prevalent culture of focusing on negative news in Ghana. In a candid interview with Berla Mudi on The Day show, she revealed that the constant attention given to negativity often makes her contemplate quitting music altogether.

Efya shared her observation, saying, “I think Ghanaians like to feed on negative energy. I don’t know if it’s sexual or something. Actually, I don’t know. But I feel like if we would all try just a little bit more to focus on the positivity of the situation when someone has an issue, then we can all be happy regardless of how much it affects the person’s career and life.”

According to the talented artist, Ghanaians tend to pay more attention to negative news rather than celebrating positive achievements. She believes that the energy invested in negative narratives could be better utilized to highlight the positive developments within the Ghanaian music industry.

Efya emphasized, “If the same amount of energy put into negative news was channeled into positive news, it would create a good balance. But I think people love the negative more. Sadly, I think it’s human nature.”

During the interview, the award-winning singer also drew attention to her own accomplishments, such as being the first female artist to break records and organizing the first Afrobeat festival in Sanya, featuring artists from Ghana and Nigeria.

“Sometimes it makes me feel really sad because I work really hard to put Ghana on the map,” Efya explained. “And then it’s like everybody just wants to feed into the negative stuff they hear about me and choose to believe that, instead of focusing on the fact that I was the first female artist to break that record, and nobody’s broken my record.”

She expressed disappointment that these achievements often go unnoticed, overshadowed by unfounded rumors and negative narratives.

The toll of constantly battling negative perceptions has taken a toll on Efya’s emotional well-being. She revealed feeling disheartened that her hard work and positive contributions are overshadowed by baseless gossip.

Efya even contemplated stepping away from music altogether due to the relentless scrutiny. She expressed her discouragement, stating, “If you guys are going to make it seem weird, why shouldn’t I stop?”

Despite her numerous accolades and milestones, Efya believes that speaking out about the issue would likely fuel further discussions about the negative aspects, diverting attention from her recent music releases.

She acknowledged that the love for drama and conflicts can be captivating for many, but she urged the public to redirect their attention towards appreciating and acknowledging the positive aspects of her career and the music industry as a whole.

Efya Nokturnal’s struggle with the obsession for negative energy in Ghana highlights the need for a shift in focus towards celebrating and supporting artists’ positive achievements. By redirecting attention towards their contributions, the Ghanaian music industry can thrive, fostering an environment that encourages creativity and growth.

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