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Efya Embraces Her Faith: “I’m A Child Of God”

Ghanaian musician Efya Nokturnal recently made a bold declaration of her faith and identity as a child of God during an interview on TV3’s The Day Show. Despite being predominantly known as a secular artist, Efya highlighted that she does not see any hindrance in also embracing her role as a gospel artist.

During the interview with Berla Mundi, Efya shared her frustrations about being questioned for collaborating with a gospel artist. She passionately expressed her disbelief, stating, “What’s that about? Can I not do gospel music? Are we serious? I am a Child of God. What are you saying? I have the power in me. I went to Bible School. You can’t Bible more than me.”

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Efya emphasized the need for Ghanaians to break away from associating the term “secular” with anything devilish or negative. She urged people to stop labeling and judging artists solely based on their genre of music. She expressed her disappointment that her accomplishments and contributions to the music industry often go unnoticed, overshadowed by the focus on negative perceptions.

As the most featured female artiste in Ghana, Efya holds a remarkable record in the industry. She is also the first female artist to achieve groundbreaking milestones and has been recognized with numerous awards. Despite these achievements, she believes that the attention should be shifted towards positive opinions and support for artists who are unapologetically expressing themselves.

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Efya’s candid interview serves as a reminder that artists, regardless of their genre, can also be individuals of faith. It challenges societal norms and encourages a more inclusive perspective, embracing the diverse expressions of spirituality within the creative realm.

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