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Ghanaian Rapper Amerado Reveals Preference for Dating Older Women

Award-winning Ghanaian rapper, Amerado, has recently shared his dating preference, challenging societal norms and stereotypes. In an interview with Accra FM’s Nana Romeo, the rapper boldly stated that he loves and prefers to date ladies who are older than him.

Amerado emphasized that his attraction to mature women is not based on any material benefits but rather his genuine preference. He expressed admiration for the unique qualities that older women bring to a relationship and stated that age is just a number to him.

“I love women who are older than me, and I don’t date such women because of benefits or because I want to exploit them. Even though I like older women, the age gap should not be too wide, like a year or two,” Amerado explained.

When asked if he is a womanizer or if he simply loves women, Amerado responded by saying that he finds himself attractive and if women are attracted to him, it is not a sin to reciprocate those feelings. He emphasized that his interest in women is not indicative of being a womanizer but rather a natural inclination.

Amerado’s openness about his preference for dating older women challenges societal expectations and sheds light on the importance of personal connection and compatibility in relationships, rather than focusing solely on age.

It is refreshing to see individuals like Amerado breaking free from conventional dating norms and embracing their unique preferences. His statement serves as a reminder that love and attraction can transcend societal boundaries and that relationships should be based on genuine connection and mutual understanding.

As society continues to evolve, it is important to embrace and celebrate diverse relationship dynamics and appreciate the complexities of human connections. Amerado’s openness about his dating preference contributes to the ongoing conversation about breaking stereotypes and accepting love in all its forms.

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