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Tamale Magistrate Court Remands Coach Napari In Custody Over Referee Nasara Assault

In a shocking turn of events, coach Iddrisu S. Napari has been remanded in prison custody for one week by the Tamale Magistrate Court. The Tiyumba Ladies coach, accused of assaulting referee Mohammed Sakina Nasara, appeared before Justice Issifu Sulemana and pleaded not guilty to the charges. The case has garnered significant attention within the local community and the sporting world at large.

The incident took place during a Northern Region Division Two League game at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium Annex 3, where Napari’s team, Tiyumba Ladies, was competing. Allegedly, Napari assaulted Referee Nasara after she awarded an indirect free-kick against his team. The assault left the referee with injuries, leading to her admission to the Tamale Technical University Hospital. Fortunately, she has since been discharged.

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Following the assault, Napari initially went into hiding but later turned himself in to the police. This decision led to his subsequent arrest and appearance before the Tamale Magistrate Court. Although the coach pleaded not guilty to the charges, the court decided to remand him in custody until his next court appearance on Monday, June 26.

The repercussions of Napari’s actions extend beyond the courtroom. In addition to facing legal consequences, he has been dismissed from his position as the chairperson of the Women’s Football Committee of the Sagnarigu Municipal Football Association. This decision reflects the seriousness with which such incidents are regarded, emphasizing the need for respect and fair play in sports.

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The case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining sportsmanship and respect for officials in all levels of competition. Acts of violence and aggression not only jeopardize the physical well-being of individuals but also tarnish the spirit of the game. It is crucial for athletes, coaches, and supporters alike to uphold the principles of fair play and resolve disputes through peaceful means.

As the court proceedings continue, the incident involving coach Napari and Referee Nasara remains a significant topic of discussion. It is hoped that this case will serve as a catalyst for raising awareness about the need for strict measures against violence in sports and for fostering an environment of mutual respect among all participants.

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