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Yaw Tog Opens Up About Mental Health Concerns: Ghanaians don’t care about my mental health, they keep asking me when am I going to school

Ghanaian rapper, Yaw Tog, has shared his frustration with the public’s lack of concern for his mental health, stating that Ghanaians are more interested in asking about his education plans. In a recent interview, the 20-year-old artist revealed that he has been battling depression but has found support from his team and management.

Known for his hit song “Sore” and its remix featuring Stormzy and Kwesi Arthur, Yaw Tog has experienced significant success in the music industry. However, behind the scenes, he has been grappling with mental health issues exacerbated by the pressures of fame and being a young artist.

During a TV interview, Yaw Tog expressed his disappointment, stating that people constantly ask him about his schooling rather than inquire about his well-being. He emphasized that the simple greeting of “How are you doing?” has been replaced with the question of when he plans to return to school.

Acknowledging that he has had to develop a thick skin to navigate the music industry and withstand criticism, Yaw Tog admitted that he had been working on his album, ‘Young and matured,’ while trying not to let external pressures overwhelm him.

Despite the challenges he has faced, the rapper also shared his excitement about the success of his “Sore” remix and his latest release, ‘Obra,’ which has been well-received on various streaming platforms.

Yaw Tog’s candid revelations shed light on the need for society to prioritize the mental well-being of individuals in the public eye. It serves as a reminder that success and popularity do not guarantee happiness and that it is essential to support artists in maintaining their mental health amidst the pressures of their careers.

As Yaw Tog continues to navigate his musical journey, it is crucial for both his fans and the general public to show compassion and understanding, recognizing that his well-being should be prioritized alongside his education and professional endeavors.

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