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MTN Assures Customers: MoMo Accounts Remain Safe Despite SIM Card Blockage

In a reassuring move, MTN, one of Ghana’s leading telecommunications companies, has announced that customers who may lose their phone numbers due to the non-renewal of their SIM cards will still have access to their MoMo (Mobile Money) accounts.

MTN Ghana’s Chief Executive Officer, Selorm Adadevoh, has assured subscribers that although their accounts may be declared dormant, they will be provided with a process to retrieve their funds upon presentation of the required identification card.

Adadevoh explained, “We do have provision in the Payment System and Services Act about how to treat funds that have not been accessed, essentially will be treated as dormant funds and you can redeem them at some point in time with the right identification and processes.”

Today, May 31, 2023, marks the deadline for SIM card re-registration in Ghana. The National Communications Authority (NCA) and the Ministry of Communications have made it clear that any SIM card that has not been re-registered will be blocked or disconnected.

While the NCA has indicated that all numbers not re-registered will be lost, they have yet to provide specific details on the next steps for affected customers.

The SIM card re-registration exercise has been extended several times by the Ministry of Communications to accommodate subscribers who are still awaiting their Ghana cards. However, the ministry has warned that the deadline will not be extended again.

Failure to re-register SIM cards will result in the inability to make or receive calls, as well as send text messages.

With MTN’s assurance that MoMo accounts will remain secure even if SIM cards are blocked, customers can have peace of mind regarding their funds. However, it is crucial for individuals to prioritize the re-registration process to avoid any inconvenience or

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