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Fred Kyei Mensah: Allow Yaw Tog to Make His Own Decision About His Education; There Is No Formula for Finding Money

Fred Kyei Mensah, popularly known as Fredyma, a renowned music producer and CEO of Fredyma Studios, has urged Ghanaians to respect musician Yaw Tog’s autonomy in making decisions about his career and education.

In a recent interview on Onua Showbiz, Yaw Tog, a Ghanaian rapper specializing in Asakaa, a subgenre of Ghanaian Drill music, expressed his current lack of interest in pursuing a university education. Fredyma, sharing his perspective, emphasized that there is no predefined formula for attaining financial success and that education remains accessible for those who choose to pursue it later in life.

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Fredyma cited his personal experience as an example, revealing that he ended his education at 6th form in Prempeh College after failing to enter medical school. Despite this setback, he remained undeterred and pursued other interests that eventually led him to his current field. He further mentioned that he has been approached by students from the School of Performing Arts to teach them for their thesis and project work, showcasing the practical application of knowledge beyond traditional education.

Fredyma emphasized that there are numerous options available for those who opt not to pursue a conventional education, as success cannot be achieved through a one-size-fits-all approach. He encouraged society to respect Yaw Tog’s decision to pursue business or work, asserting that education is a lifelong endeavor that can be pursued at any stage of life.

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He stated, “If Yaw Tog says he’ll do business instead of studying, let’s allow him. He can even work and return. Nowadays, there are night studies and online options. In this era, entrepreneurship is prevalent, and a degree helps enhance one’s public status.”

Fredyma’s viewpoint supports the notion that individuals should have the freedom to choose their own educational paths based on their aspirations and circumstances. Society should recognize that success can be attained through various avenues, and it is essential to value practical skills, creativity, and entrepreneurship alongside formal education.

Yaw Tog’s decision to prioritize his music career over pursuing higher education should be respected. The absence of a university degree does not diminish one’s potential for success, as there are diverse paths to financial stability and personal growth. Education should be viewed as a lifelong pursuit, and individuals should be empowered to make choices that align with their goals and passions.

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