“Fella Makafui Is No More My Wife, We Are Co-Parenting” – Medikal

In a surprising revelation that has sent shockwaves through social media, Ghanaian rapper Medikal has disclosed that he and his wife, actress, and entrepreneur Fella Makafui, are no longer together as a couple. Instead, they have embarked on a new journey of co-parenting their daughter, Island Frimpong.

Medikal took to Twitter on Saturday, March 30, to clarify the status of their relationship, stating that Fella Makafui is now his “baby mother,” emphasizing their commitment to co-parenting. This announcement comes amidst speculations and rumors that had been circulating about their separation, which the couple had previously chosen not to address publicly.

The news of their separation has sparked widespread discussion on social media platforms, with fans expressing surprise and disappointment over the end of their marriage. Despite the public scrutiny, both Medikal and Fella Makafui have maintained a degree of privacy, choosing to communicate directly with their followers through their social media channels.

Observant fans noted that the couple had unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Fella Makafui had edited her username to exclude “Mrs. Frimpong,” signaling a symbolic shift in their relationship status. Additionally, Medikal’s X post on March 30 revealed that he had been blocked by Fella Makafui, further indicating the strain in their relationship.

Last year, Medikal hinted at possible marital issues, expressing the challenges of marriage for someone in his creative profession. Despite their lavish wedding ceremony in 2020 and the birth of their daughter, Island Frimpong, the couple faced hurdles in their relationship, ultimately leading to their decision to part ways as a couple.

While the end of their romantic relationship marks the closing of one chapter, Medikal and Fella Makafui’s journey as co-parents signifies a new beginning filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. As they redefine their roles and adjust to their new reality, their fans and followers remain hopeful for the happiness and fulfillment of both parties, both personally and professionally, in the days to come.

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