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Shatta Wale Raises Alarming Allegations: Musicians Travel with Hard Drugs, Kotoka International Airport Aware

In a shocking revelation, renowned dancehall artist Shatta Wale has made serious allegations implicating fellow musicians and Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport in drug smuggling activities. The controversial artist claims that some Ghanaian artists are involved in the illicit transportation of hard drugs into and out of the country, with the alleged knowledge of the airport authorities.

Shatta Wale’s assertions came in response to social media comments surrounding the recent arrest of Hajia4real in the United States, where his name was mentioned in connection with the case. In an emotionally charged video circulating on Twitter, Shatta Wale vehemently denied any involvement in fraudulent activities and expressed his disbelief at the accusations leveled against him.

Addressing the issue, Shatta Wale stated, “As they have arrested Hajia4real, some people have been asking the FBI to check me. I’m seeing everything on the internet, and I didn’t have the time to react, but now I am.” He continued by questioning the rationale behind such accusations, stating, “Do you think I’ll do fraud? Why would I engage in fraudulent activities? Big men in the country have crossed their arms and are waiting to see if I’ll be arrested, saying because of the way I am.”

Furthermore, the dancehall king claimed that many Ghanaian artists are involved in smuggling drugs out of the country, and the Kotoka International Airport is allegedly aware of and monitoring these activities. “Once upon a time, I was told there are Ghanaian artists who smuggle cocaine outside the country, and the airport monitors them. The airport knows, go and ask them how many artists travel with cocaine that they’re aware of,” he revealed.

The impact of these accusations on the artists involved remains uncertain, as well as whether relevant authorities will initiate investigations or take any necessary actions. These allegations raise serious concerns regarding the reputation of Ghana’s music industry and the security measures in place at the Kotoka International Airport. It is imperative for the truth to be unveiled, either vindicating the accused artists or shedding light on a potential issue of drug smuggling within the industry.

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