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Vybz Kartel’s Life Hangs in the Balance as he Battles a Life-Threatening Illness in Solitary Confinement

Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist Vybz Kartel, currently serving a life sentence for murder, is reportedly fighting against Graves’ Disease and two alleged heart conditions while enduring inhumane prison conditions. The 47-year-old artist, born Adidja Azim Palmer, has been facing a deteriorating health condition that requires immediate medical attention.

According to reports by New York’s Fox 5, Vybz Kartel’s human rights attorney, Isat Buchanan, revealed that his client’s illness is life-threatening. Kartel is currently subjected to a 23-hour lockdown for a cell phone violation, leading to severe conditions that worsen his health. He is confined to a brick cell with limited air circulation, no access to water, and forced to use a bucket as a toilet.

During a visit to Kartel on May 29, Buchanan witnessed the artist’s swollen neck and face. The condition has caused Kartel’s eyes to protrude, making it even more challenging for him to endure his current circumstances. The attorney emphasized the urgent need for medical intervention to prevent any further deterioration.

Vybz Kartel had previously been held at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre before being transferred to the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in September last year. This move raised concerns from Buchanan, who highlighted the lack of medical facilities at the new facility. He emphasized that Horizon was the only institution equipped to provide adequate medical care for Kartel’s condition.

A medical report obtained by Fox 5 revealed that Kartel has been battling Graves’ Disease for seven years, despite being on medication. His private physician, Dr. Karen Phillips, has recommended surgery as the next course of action.

Isat Buchanan expressed his concern for Kartel’s life, stating, “We do not want to get a phone call to say that because he was under this 23-hour lockdown and unable to breathe, that he succumbed to his illness.” The artist’s legal team continues to fight for his rights and push for the necessary medical attention he urgently requires.

As the legal battle for his freedom unfolds, Vybz Kartel’s health has become a critical concern. It serves as a reminder of the importance of humane treatment for incarcerated individuals, ensuring their access to proper medical care while serving their sentences.

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