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Stonebwoy Gushes Over Wife Dr Louisa As She Twerk Softly For Him

Ghanaian musician Stonebwoy showcased his love and admiration for his wife, Dr Louisa, as she graced the prestigious Ghana Women Awards. The couple shared a heartwarming and playful moment captured in a video that circulated on Snapchat.

Dr Louisa exuded elegance in a captivating deep blue mermaid dress that accentuated her curves. Stonebwoy affectionately showered her with compliments, playfully addressing her as “Sweety darling, darling sweety,” and even jokingly requesting her to showcase a twerk.

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The video captured the lightheartedness and genuine affection between the couple, highlighting the strong bond they share. Dr Louisa embraced her husband’s enthusiasm, providing a 360-degree view of her attire and playfully mimicking a soft twerk.

Beyond the joyful moments, Dr Louisa’s presence at the Ghana Women Awards held deeper significance. She received a well-deserved citation and award, recognizing her remarkable contributions and achievements. The event served as a platform to honor the accomplishments of Ghanaian women across various fields, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to society.

During an interview on “The Day Show” with Berla Mundi, Dr Louisa clarified misconceptions about managing her husband’s brand, stating that she actually oversees the Livingston Foundation. She emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities and pursuing multiple interests, emphasizing that life is not a linear journey where one must achieve complete success in one area before moving on to the next.

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Stonebwoy and Dr Louisa’s relationship exemplifies love, support, and shared laughter. Their playful interaction before the Ghana Women Awards reminds us that amidst the recognition and achievements, it is essential to cherish and celebrate the bond between partners.

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