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Regrets of Marrying Early: Kwabena Kwabena Reflects on Lost Years

Ghanaian Highlife singer, Kwabena Kwabena, recently shared his regret about getting married in his twenties, expressing that it stole precious years from his life. In a candid interview with Zionfelix, the renowned artist admitted that he should have prioritized his young and flourishing career instead of settling down at that time.

Reflecting on his past choices, Kwabena Kwabena stated, “The irony of the whole thing is, I played a role in stealing my whole life away from me at a point. As at 26 and 27, around that time, I felt that what I should have done was to focus on my career and not allow any external force to derail my train.”

Despite his feelings of missed opportunities, the ‘Aso’ hitmaker expressed his gratitude for the chance to reclaim lost moments now. He emphasized that he is older and wiser, understanding the importance of seizing opportunities and not taking anything for granted.

“I feel I was a young guy around that time, but by God’s grace, God has given me the chance again to have a second shot at my life,” Kwabena Kwabena added. He acknowledged the experiences of others who may have faced similar challenges, ensuring that he does not portray himself as superior.

Turning his difficult experiences, particularly heartbreak, into inspiration, Kwabena Kwabena has channeled his emotions into writing some of his best love songs. While he may have regrets about his past decisions, he has transformed them into creative fuel, allowing his music to resonate deeply with his audience.

Kwabena Kwabena’s story serves as a reminder that life is a journey of learning and growth. Sometimes, we make choices that we later regret, but it is essential to find strength in those experiences and use them as stepping stones towards a better future.

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