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Kwabena Kwabena Addresses Speculations on His Sexuality; Says He is not Gay

Ghanaian highlife sensation Kwabena Kwabena has broken his silence regarding suspicions about his sexuality, sparked by his recent fashion choices. The celebrated artist has dismissed the claims as ignorant and emphasized that his dressing style does not determine his sexual orientation.

In a conversation with popular blogger Zionfelix, Kwabena Kwabena highlighted the misconception surrounding sexuality, stating, “Being gay or not being gay is not like an association. Just as you have sexual feelings for women, those who have feelings for men are in a different state. But I don’t have any feelings for men.”

The singer emphasized that sexuality is an inherent state and not something one learns. He acknowledged the existence of individuals attracted to the same sex but clarified that he is not among them. Kwabena Kwabena also stressed that his personal preferences should not be mistaken as having any problem with those who identify as LGBTQ+. He further pointed out that he has three children, all of whom he fathered with women.

Kwabena Kwabena expressed his concern over the misjudgment based on his appearance and attire. He explained, “There are individuals whose physical appearances look like the opposite sex, but when you go into their sexuality, you would be surprised to know they are not what you think they are.” The artist asserted that people should avoid stereotyping others based on their appearance, and he will continue to explore daring fashion choices without being influenced by such assumptions.

The singer also highlighted the irony of the situation, as he was previously labeled as a womanizer. He questioned why people have suddenly begun labeling him as gay, emphasizing that his fashion sense and sexual orientation are two distinct aspects of his identity.

Regarding his outfit at the 24th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Kwabena Kwabena explained that he drew inspiration from the 1970s pop culture. He referenced iconic figures like James Brown, Jimmy Hendrix, Senior Eddie Donkor, and Obuoba JA Adofo, who used fashion to make bold statements. The artist emphasized that the intention behind his outfit was purely artistic and to make an impact on the red carpet, rather than inviting sexualization.

In conclusion, Kwabena Kwabena addressed the rumors surrounding his sexuality and defended his fashion choices. He called for a greater understanding and acceptance of individual differences, highlighting the importance of not making assumptions based on appearances. The artist remains committed to expressing his creativity through fashion and making statements that resonate with his artistic vision.

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