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Captain Planet Voices Displeasure Over Sim Card Deactivation in Ghana

Ghanaian musician and member of the defunct music group 4×4, Captain Planet, recently expressed his frustration regarding the deactivation of sim cards in Ghana. Following the registration deadline, individuals who failed to register their sim cards faced the consequence of losing active service.

Captain Planet took to Twitter to voice his displeasure about this decision, urging telecommunication companies to grant affected individuals access to their money and retrieve their sim cards. The artist highlighted his belief that Ghana tends to encounter problems in various aspects, emphasizing what he perceives as a lack of adherence to the law.

In his tweet, Captain Planet wrote, “Ghana is a very lawless country. You’re blocking people’s SIM cards and seizing their money because their sim is not registered. Give them access to their money and take your SIM cards. #Nonsense. Birth cert .problem, passport problem, Ghana card problem, voters ID problem. Why?🇬🇭.”

On June 1, 2023, over 9 million sim cards were blocked due to the expiration of the registration deadline on May 31, 2023. Despite this blockage, the CEO of MTN Ghana assured affected customers that their money stored in the sim cards remained safe and secure, and they would only need to follow a few steps to regain access to their funds.

The deactivation of sim cards in Ghana has sparked conversations about the importance of adhering to registration requirements. It also raises concerns regarding the accessibility of services and the potential impact on individuals who may rely heavily on mobile communication for their daily activities.

As the issue continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how telecommunication companies and authorities will address the grievances expressed by Captain Planet and other affected individuals.

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