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If you have money, you don’t need a record label—Epixode

Reggae and Dancehall artist, Epixode, has recently shared his belief that having the financial means to support oneself is the best route for musicians, eliminating the need for a record label. In an industry where control and creative freedom are highly valued, Epixode emphasizes the importance of being financially grounded to have full control over one’s music career.

Epixode highlights the downsides of signing onto a record label, particularly the loss of rights to one’s music and catalog. Artists often find themselves at the mercy of business-focused decisions made by labels, which can hinder their artistic growth and overall control of their craft. Drawing from personal experience, Epixode shares how a contract he once signed nearly destroyed his career, imposing strict conditions that limited his creative freedom and control over his music.

By having the necessary financial resources, artists can hire experts to handle distribution, promotion, and gain recognition in a shorter period. Money plays a significant role in securing billboards, getting songs on streaming platforms, and facilitating various promotional activities. Epixode’s perspective reflects the growing trend of artists seeking independence and taking charge of their own careers.

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While acknowledging the allure of offers such as cars or houses that might tempt young artists into signing unfavorable contracts, Epixode urges artists to carefully consider the long-term implications and strive for financial independence instead.

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In addition to discussing the music industry, Epixode expresses his gratitude to his fans and the Ghanaian community for their unwavering support of his award-winning song, “Atia,” which recently won the Best Reggae/Dancehall Song of the Year at the 2023 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA). This achievement further validates Epixode’s stance on financial independence and the benefits it can bring to artists in the ever-evolving music industry.

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