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Ghana to Introduce Ghana Card Issuance for Babies at Birth, Says Vice President Bawumia

In a significant development aimed at enhancing identification processes and reducing bureaucracy, Ghana is set to issue Ghana Cards to babies from birth starting in July. Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia made the announcement during his speech at the International Women’s Conference in the United Kingdom on June 10.

The initiative is the result of successful integration of the databases of the National Identification Authority (NIA), Ghana Health Service (GHS), and Births and Deaths Registry. By linking these systems, the government aims to streamline processes, eliminate the prevalence of fake birth certificates, and tackle corruption at the Birth and Deaths Registry.

Dr. Bawumia expressed his satisfaction with the completion of the database integration, stating, “We have taken off the problem of fake birth certificates, bureaucracy, and corruption at the Birth and Deaths Registry. What we have done is to digitalize the processes at the Birth and Death Registry and linked their system with the Ghana Health Service and the NIA.”

With over 17 million Ghanaians already registered in the NIA’s system, the introduction of Ghana Card issuance from birth is expected to further strengthen the country’s identification infrastructure. The move will facilitate accurate identification of individuals from an early age, ensuring that each citizen has a unique identification number.

By issuing Ghana Cards at birth, the government aims to provide a comprehensive and reliable identification system that can be used for various purposes, including accessing healthcare services, enrolling in schools, and participating in the formal economy. It will also help in tracking vital statistics, such as population demographics and health indicators, to aid in policymaking and planning.

The implementation of this initiative reflects the government’s commitment to harnessing digital technology for improved governance and service delivery. With the integration of the NIA, GHS, and Births and Deaths Registry databases, Ghana is taking a significant step towards achieving a more efficient and transparent identification system.

As the July deadline approaches, the government will work closely with hospitals and healthcare providers across the country to ensure the seamless issuance of Ghana Cards to newborns. This move is expected to simplify the process for parents, eliminating the need to navigate multiple bureaucracies to obtain birth certificates for their children.

The introduction of Ghana Card issuance from birth represents a transformative milestone for Ghana’s identification system. It holds the potential to strengthen social inclusion, facilitate access to essential services, and pave the way for a more efficient and transparent governance framework.

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