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Here’s How You Can Check The Number Of Sim Cards Connected To Your Ghana Card

Ghanaians were asked to connect their sim cards to their Ghana cards to avoid disconnection of the sim cards. Despite the initial opposition to this idea, the law has been fully implemented.

However, after completing this registration, it was impossible to check the number of sim cards connected to their Ghana cards. This took social media by storm after Kofi Adomah, a popular journalist blew a cover about having many sim cards linked to his Ghana card.

Because of this, the National Communication Authority has announced a shortcode to check the number of sim cards connected to your Ghana card. This shortcode will start working on 1st May 2023

How to check the number of sim cards linked to your Ghana Card

  1. Dial *402*1# on all networks
  2. Check the phone numbers
  3. Delink unauthorized phone numbers

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