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Hold Artist accountable for any wrongdoing – Sypha’s call to action

Sypha is a male vocalist in the Upper West Region who has worked tirelessly and effortless to put his name on the map when upper West Music industry is mentioned. 

Sypha has always been a musician that stays outside trouble,he doesn’t involve himself in beefs neither does he disrespect anyone.In as much as he’s minding his business in the industry, bullets touches him when they are being stray by industry players.

He comes to Facebook today June 11,on his official account to express how disheartened he feels towards industry players that only speaks much negativity into the music space and that affects him and others negatively.

Sypha’s post on Facebook is a call to action for individuals to take responsibility for their actions and to hold artists accountable for any wrongdoing. He emphasizes the importance of mentioning the persona’s name if they have done something bad to you personally. “If you want to come talk about Artists Doing Anything Bad to you Personally mention The persona’s Name If not You are throwing stones that’s dirtying us all”. This is important because it allows for transparency and accountability within the industry.

Sypha also expresses his frustration with individuals who only focus on the negative aspects of the industry without acknowledging the hard work and dedication that some artists put into their craft. He highlights the need for appreciation and recognition of artists who have been in the industry for a long time and have worked hard to get where they are. “I was just sweating and lowkey feeling angry at everybody who been only talking about the Bad Part of us and never appreciating those of us who got full head up for this game,I can’t talk for My Fellow determined ones buh pls I’m begging for myself try dey appreciate me alongside the bomblast too,I been here for almost a decade now I just wanna be the Change I’m willing to see”

Sypha’s message is a reminder that artists are human beings and should be treated with respect and dignity. It is important to hold individuals accountable for their actions, but it is also important to acknowledge the positive contributions that artists make to the industry. By appreciating and recognizing artists for their hard work and dedication, we can create a more positive and supportive environment for all individuals in the industry.

See screenshot of the post below;

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