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Flowking Stone Opens Up About Challenges in Promoting Songs Outside Ghana

Ghanaian Hip-life sensation, Flowking Stone, has recently shed light on the difficulties he faces in promoting his music beyond the borders of Ghana. The talented rapper, also known as Kwaku Nsia Boama, expressed his struggles during an interview while being in the United Kingdom for a year, where he has been performing his hit single ‘Daddy Duties.’

Flowking Stone acknowledged the role of social media in today’s music promotion, but he emphasized that it cannot fully replace the personal touch of physically visiting radio and TV stations in Ghana to create a buzz around his songs. He explained how being in Ghana allows artists to interact directly with the audience, which greatly aids in promoting their music effectively.

Despite the challenges, Flowking Stone has not slowed down in his efforts to reach a broader audience. Recently, he released a new song titled “By My Side,” produced by Dr Ray Beats. The track, accompanied by a captivating music video, features simple yet appealing lyrics, narrating the artist’s personal journey and how he has overcome challenges with the support of God by his side.

Flowking Stone’s experience highlights the importance of local presence and engagement for artists in their home countries. While the digital era has undoubtedly opened up opportunities for global exposure, it also poses unique challenges for artists seeking to connect with audiences in different parts of the world. However, with dedication, creativity, and continuous use of social media and other digital platforms, artists like Flowking Stone can gradually expand their fan base beyond borders.

As the music industry continues to evolve, artists from all over the world will likely encounter similar hurdles in promoting their music internationally. Nevertheless, by staying true to their roots and exploring innovative ways to engage with their audience, artists can navigate these challenges and find success on the global stage. Flowking Stone’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians, reminding them to persevere and let their talent shine regardless of the obstacles they encounter along the way.

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