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Do We Have Record Labels In Ghana? – Empress Gifty queries

Gospel musician Empress Gifty recently voiced her concerns about the lack of investment and support within the music industry in Ghana, particularly in the gospel sector. In an interview with Kwame Dadzie on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM, she emphasized that there are currently no record labels in Ghana dedicated to handling artists’ funding, production, promotion, marketing, and publicity. This absence of support has placed a significant burden on gospel musicians who are striving to succeed in their careers.

Empress Gifty lamented the fact that artists are left to manage everything independently, stating, “We don’t have record labels [in Ghana], do we have them?” She highlighted the challenges faced by gospel musicians who shoulder the financial responsibilities associated with their music, expressing her frustration with the situation. The absence of record labels has resulted in artists having to cover all expenses out of their own pockets, a situation that she described as both dangerous and frustrating.

Despite these difficulties, Empress Gifty remained hopeful for a positive change in the near future. She expressed her desire for investors to step forward and contribute their resources, money, and connections to the music industry, particularly in support of gospel artists. She believed that with increased investment, Ghana’s music industry could experience significant growth and provide artists with the support they need to thrive.

In the midst of these concerns, Empress Gifty released a new song titled ‘Awieyepa.’ The track, produced by Shadrack Yawson and written and composed by Ewura Abena, serves as a testament to her dedication and talent. The accompanying music video, directed by Skyweb Studios, showcases her artistic prowess.

As the music industry in Ghana evolves, the absence of record labels remains a notable challenge, particularly for gospel musicians. Empress Gifty’s candid remarks shed light on the difficulties faced by artists who lack the necessary financial and logistical support to fully realize their potential. The hope is that her words will resonate with investors and industry stakeholders, prompting them to recognize the importance of record labels and support the growth and development of Ghana’s music industry.

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