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Empress Gifty Adorye Issues Warning to Friends Calling Her Husband: “Stay Away!”

In a recent video posted on her social media page, renowned Ghanaian gospel artist, Empress Gifty Adorye, has sent a stern message to her friends regarding their interaction with her husband. The talented singer made it explicitly clear that any friend who dares to call her husband will face dire consequences.

Empress Gifty firmly asserted that she does not consider her husband’s friends as her own and expects the same boundaries to be respected by her own friends. She warned that if any of her friends attempts to befriend or contact her husband, she will take swift action by blocking their numbers and dealing with them accordingly. Furthermore, she emphasized that her husband would inform her about any such calls, leaving no room for interference in their personal affairs.

” If you are my friend and you have the guts to call my husband, I will block you on his phone and deal with you. My husband will let me know you called so don’t you dare try to interfere in my personal affairs. I am not friends with my husband’s friends so why should I allow you to be friends with him? If you don’t know how to keep boundaries, I will help you do it”. Empress Gifty was recorded saying.

While Empress Gifty’s video primarily focuses on setting boundaries with her friends, the celebrated gospel artist also shares a powerful message of motivation and trust in God. She encourages her listeners not to be troubled by the actions or words of others, reminding them that their destiny lies in the hands of a higher power rather than mere human beings.

With her strong words and unwavering faith, Empress Gifty Adorye sends a clear message to her friends, urging them to respect her marital boundaries and emphasizing the importance of trusting in God’s guidance for a brighter future.

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