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Evangelist Agradaa Challenges Nogokpo: “Try Me and I Will Storm Their Shrine, Destroy It Live On Camera”

Evangelist Mama Pat Agradaa, known for her controversial statements and actions, has responded to the ultimatum issued by the elders of Nogokpo to Archbishop Charles Agyinasare. The town of Nogokpo, renowned for its powerful shrine, summoned Agyinasare, accusing him of defaming their town as the demonic headquarters in the Volta Region.

While the decision of whether Agyinasare will honor the summons remains uncertain, his church, Perez Chapel International, has initiated a week of fasting for divine intervention. However, Agradaa has unexpectedly diverted attention to herself by making audacious claims.

During her Sunday sermon at the Heaven Way Church, Agradaa insinuated that Nogokpo elders targeted Agyinasare because they perceive him as weak. In an apparent attempt to assert her own strength, she boldly declared that if they were to challenge someone like her or her church, she would document the event with cameras and forcefully storm the Nogokpo shrine to demolish their deities.

Agradaa vehemently dismisses the notion of any power residing in gods such as Nogokpo, Antoa Nyama, or Anyanta. Her provocative statements and willingness to confront established religious institutions have drawn significant attention in the past.

It remains to be seen how Nogokpo will respond to Agradaa’s bold challenge. As tensions rise between religious figures and traditional practices, the outcome of this situation could have far-reaching implications for religious freedom and coexistence in Ghana.

While religious disagreements are not uncommon, it is crucial to approach them with respect and dialogue rather than resorting to confrontations that may incite further conflict. It is hoped that a peaceful resolution can be reached between the parties involved, promoting understanding and unity among Ghana’s diverse religious communities.

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