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The Seven (6) Groups Of People Responsible For The Success Of An Event

Who Is Responsible For The Success Of An Event?

Entertainment event means a per- performance, recreation, amusement, diversion, spectacle, show or similar event including, but not limited to, a theatrical or musical performance, concert, film, game, ride, or sporting event.

Events or music concerts have fast become the major avenue by which persons who plight their trade as event organizers make revenue from. Events are not limited to the organizers alone, musicians also exploit the advantages of events to earn earnings for livelihood or reinvesting into their craft.

Aside from the proceeds these musicians generate from the online streams to facilitate their activities which many of them are lacking the numbers to benefit from this avenue, the other major means by which they depend is the organization of musical concerts.

Who is responsible for the massive turnout or low turnout of an event?

Every single person included in an event becomes an automatic promoter of such an event and must work assiduously one way or the other to ensure that the outcome of such an event is worth celebrating.

1) the Media

Aside from promoters in particular, or media people, in general, who should be engaged to ensure that they promote the event to the core, by disseminating every single piece of information about it before and after;


Artistes, dancers, comedians, etc who are billed to perform at an event automatically become promoters of it.

Who will those billed creatives perform to if the event is not patronized or if there is a low turnout?


Events photographer who specializes in taking pictures for important or specific gatherings such as parties, shows, events, and weddings, and must assist with the event setup and provide excellent customer service to ensure that things will run smoothly before, during, and after the event automatically become promoters of an event they are been contracted to take coverage of.

Who will the photographers take shots of if the event records low turnout or patronage?

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4) MC

The MC keeps the audience focused by:

Providing structural pauses between event sessions. This is particularly important where the main content is lengthy and information-heavy. The MC may ushumorur or commentary as ‘light relief’ to tre-energizese the crowd and help maintain focus. It becomes part of the MC’s role to promote an event he has been hired to Mcee.

5) DJ

A disc jockey, more commonly abbreviated as DJ, is a person who plays recorded music for an audience. Types of DJs include radio DJs, club DJs, mobile DJs, and turntablists also become promoters of events they are been contracted to work at.

Who will the DJ serve with the music if the concert fails to take place because of low patronage?


Security or Bouncers: When an attendee can see that there is a strong security presence, they are less likely to partake in any anti-social or disruptive behavior Furthermore, it can also deter those seeking to cause harm or even access your event without permission. This category of people plays a vital role in the success of an event, however, they take little participation in promoting it because of the nature of their job. Some do not even pre-inform the public about their next move because they may be others’ targets.


All of the above are the roles and responsibilities of the event manager. He is supposed to manage the event, manage the event budget, create an event plan, manage the event team, and send event communications using event management software among others.

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Originally posted 2023-01-08 19:23:22.

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