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DJ Tunez Describes Portable As A Motivational Speaker

Superstar disc jockey DJ Tunez has revealed that one of Nigeria’s famous street acts, Portable, serves as a source of inspiration for him. Known for capturing the essence of street life in his music, Portable’s troubadour-like demeanor has earned him widespread recognition and a growing fan base.

In a recent interview on The Afrobeats Podcast with media personality Adesope, DJ Tunez spoke highly of Portable’s motivational lyrics. According to Tunez, lines like “Destiny has no competition” and “A Lion doesn’t fear to work alone” resonate deeply with him, providing a constant source of motivation.

DJ Tunez, who is renowned as Wizkid’s official DJ, recently collaborated with Portable on a single titled ‘Banga’. The partnership between the two artists showcases the mutual respect and admiration they have for each other’s craft.

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Portable’s rise to fame began in 2021 with the release of the hit single ‘Zazzu Zeh’ remix, featuring Olamide and Poco Lee. Since then, he has become known not only for his music but also for his captivating stage presence and lively performances.

The appeal of Portable’s music extends beyond DJ Tunez, as many listeners find his songs to be empowering and uplifting. Street artists like Portable often infuse their music with their personal experiences and their unwavering belief in themselves and a higher power.

Portable’s ability to connect with his audience on a deeper level through his motivational music has solidified his position as one of Nigeria’s most revered street acts. His unique style and thought-provoking lyrics continue to inspire and uplift listeners, making him a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music industry.

As DJ Tunez aptly puts it, Portable’s music serves as a constant reminder that destiny knows no competition and that one can achieve greatness even when working alone. With his growing popularity and influence, Portable is undoubtedly making a lasting impact in the world of Nigerian music and beyond.

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