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Charterhouse Denies Coercing Amakye Dede to Crown Kuami Eugene as ‘King of Highlife’

Charterhouse Production Ltd, the organizing company behind the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), has refuted claims made by Amakye Dede that he was coerced into crowning Kuami Eugene as the future king of highlife in Ghana during the 2019 edition of the event. In a recent interview on the Asaase Breakfast Show, Robert Klah, the head of public events and communication at Charterhouse, asserted that the event organizers had no involvement in orchestrating the crowning session.

“We did not orchestrate any crowning session. So I am a bit lost when it comes to the assertion that event organizers are responsible,” Klah stated.

Klah emphasized that Charterhouse provides a platform for artists and their teams to showcase their talent and creativity at the VGMA. While they work closely with the performers and their teams, the specific details and actions during the ceremony are not directly controlled or orchestrated by the event organizers.

“We work with a team… so, you give them an opportunity, they create what they want to do… the only thing is that you want to ensure that whatever they are going to present is not distasteful, so they get there and perform their act, and you move on,” Klah explained.

Amakye Dede, during his appearance on the Asaase Breakfast Show on June 14, 2023, revealed that he was forced to crown Kuami Eugene as the ‘King of Highlife’ against his will.

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“Though I did that, it was not my will to do so. They forced me to crown Kuami Eugene,” Amakye Dede disclosed.

The highlife legend further revealed that he had initially tried to pass the crown given to him onto someone else, refusing to participate in the act. However, he was eventually compelled to carry out the coronation against his own wishes.

With Charterhouse denying any involvement in the crowning session, the controversy surrounding Amakye Dede’s claims adds another layer of intrigue to the 2019 VGMA. The dispute raises questions about the behind-the-scenes dynamics at the event and the extent to which artists’ participation is voluntary or coerced. As the discussion unfolds, music enthusiasts and industry observers eagerly await further developments in this ongoing saga.

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