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I Was Forced To Crown Kuami Eugene As The Future King Of Highlife – Amakye Dede

Ghanaian highlife legend, Amakye Dede, has finally broken his silence about the controversial incident at the 20th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), where he was coerced into crowning Kuami Eugene as the future king of highlife in Ghana. In a recent interview, Amakye Dede revealed that the decision to bestow such a title upon the young artist was not his own will.

The incident, which took place in 2019, caused a stir within the music industry, with many criticizing Amakye Dede for what they deemed an unprofessional gesture. However, Amakye Dede clarified that he had initially refused the request to crown Kuami Eugene when it was presented to him by Kiki Banson, who was responsible for the artist repertoire at the VGMAs.

Amakye Dede’s manager, Akwesi Aboagye, also corroborated the story, stating that the artist had expressed his disapproval of the plan. Despite this, Amakye Dede found himself unexpectedly ambushed on stage with a crown, which was handed to him to be placed on Kuami Eugene’s head.

During the interview, Amakye Dede expressed his surprise at the turn of events and shared that he had even attempted to pass the crown to someone else before being persuaded by others involved in the event to proceed with the crowning.

The revelation by Amakye Dede adds a new perspective to the controversial incident and raises questions about the level of autonomy and respect given to artists in such events. It also highlights the challenges faced by established musicians who may feel pressured to endorse rising stars, even against their own preferences.

The fallout from the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting artists’ decisions and ensuring that their contributions to the industry are acknowledged and valued. The crowning of Kuami Eugene, while unintentional on Amakye Dede’s part, has sparked a dialogue about the dynamics of power and influence within the Ghanaian music scene.

As the dust settles on this controversy, it remains to be seen how the industry will respond and whether there will be a reevaluation of protocols and practices surrounding such events.

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