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Black Sherif’s Career Faces Severe Demonic Attack, Says Controversial Counselor Lutterodt

Renowned Ghanaian marriage counselor and media personality, George Lutterodt, has recently weighed in on the ongoing challenges faced by rising musician Black Sherif. In a candid discussion on UTV’s Showbiz Night, Mr. Lutterodt expressed his belief that the artiste is contending with demonic forces affecting his career.

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The “Konongo star boy,” as Black Sherif is often referred to, has been encountering difficulties in his professional journey, prompting concern from both fans and industry insiders. However, Counselor Lutterodt contends that the nature of these challenges goes beyond the ordinary.

“The challenges Black Sherif is facing aren’t normal,” stated Mr. Lutterodt. “It could be a serious demonic attack on his career. His team does not seem to realize the severity of the issue, but those on the other side see what is happening.”

According to the controversial counselor, Black Sherif and his team should seek solace in their faith, be it in God, Allah, or any other spiritual belief they hold dear. Lutterodt emphasized the importance of addressing the spiritual aspect of the situation, suggesting that the artiste’s career is under a malevolent influence.

“Black Sherif was aware of what the contract read and did not go according to it. This issue shouldn’t be taken for granted because he’s battling a demonic attack,” Counselor Lutterodt cautioned.

As Black Sherif navigates these troubled waters, it remains to be seen how he and his team will respond to the counselor’s advice. Fans and well-wishers are rallying behind the artiste, urging him to seek spiritual guidance and support during this challenging phase of his career.

The music industry can be a tough and unpredictable landscape, and as Black Sherif faces this apparent demonic onslaught, many hope that his unwavering passion for music and his faith will guide him through these trying times.

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