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Yvonne Nelson Reveals Infidelity: Iyanya Cheated on Me with Tonto Dikeh

In her memoir “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has exposed the reason behind her breakup with Nigerian Afropop singer Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk. The shocking revelation unfolds a tale of infidelity involving popular Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh.

Nelson reminisced about their relationship, describing it as a dreamy romance filled with breakfast in bed and a promising future. She even believed their love was everlasting when Iyanya tattooed her initials, YN, on his wrist. However, the fairytale soon turned sour when Nelson started receiving anonymous calls informing her about another actress visiting Iyanya’s place, sometimes even spending the night.

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To her astonishment, the mysterious actress turned out to be Tonto Dikeh, who was referenced in Iyanya’s song “Ur Waist.” The revelation shattered Nelson’s trust and led to her venting her frustrations on Twitter. In response, Tonto Dikeh suggested that people change, including their feelings, and advised Nelson to move on.

Yvonne Nelson’s memoir goes on to unveil further incidents involving Iyanya and his female crew members, reinforcing her belief that the infidelity with Tonto Dikeh was not an isolated occurrence but rather a pattern in his life. Nelson acknowledges that she would have eventually left Iyanya, even if Tonto Dikeh hadn’t entered the picture, as she realized that fighting over a man she had lost was pointless.

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The once highly talked-about romance between Iyanya and Yvonne Nelson, dubbed the Kukere master and the Ghanaian actress, ended in 2015 after dating for three years. Nelson’s memoir sheds light on the dark secrets that led to their heartbreaking breakup and exposes the reality behind the glamour of celebrity relationships.

This revelation adds another layer to the intricate world of celebrity romances, reminding us that even those in the spotlight face challenges and heartbreaks just like anyone else. It serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of trust and communication in relationships, regardless of fame and fortune.

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