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I get revelations from God but I don’t reveal them over fear of insults – Ofori Amponsah

Ghanaian musician Ofori Amponsah recently opened up about his personal experiences with receiving divine revelations from God. While speaking on the Onua Showtime TV show with Nana Ama McBrown, Amponsah revealed that he often refrains from sharing these revelations due to his fear of criticism and insults from others.

Amponsah, an award-winning artist, explained that he has incorporated some of these revelations into his music, allowing the messages to manifest in his songs. One notable example he mentioned was his song “Hello Hello,” which he claimed contained prophecies about the Ukraine/Russian conflict and the Covid-19 pandemic. According to him, these events unfolded after he released the song in 2005.

However, despite his musical approach to convey these revelations, Amponsah expressed reluctance in openly discussing them, citing the fear of being insulted by skeptics. This fear has led him to keep many of his divine insights to himself, relying on the indirect expression through his lyrics.

Amponsah’s journey has been marked by a transition from secular music to his role as a pastor and then back to secular music. He acknowledged that this shift created doubt among people who knew him, as they found it challenging to accept his new position as a pastor. Nevertheless, he emphasized that his belief in God has always been firm, even during his time in the secular music industry.

The musician also defended the presence of love songs in his repertoire, stating that his talent comes from God and that there is a place for romance and artistry in Christian expressions. Amponsah highlighted the romantic elements found in the Scriptures, particularly in the Song of Solomon, as evidence that faith and artistic expression can coexist.

Ofori Amponsah’s story sheds light on the personal struggles faced by individuals who claim to receive divine revelations. The fear of rejection and ridicule often prevents them from openly sharing their experiences. Amponsah’s decision to channel these revelations into his music showcases his creative approach to addressing the messages he receives while navigating the delicate balance between his spiritual beliefs and the demands of the entertainment industry.

As he continues his artistic journey, Ofori Amponsah’s story serves as a reminder that personal revelations can take many forms, and the ways in which individuals choose to express them may vary.

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